A New Way to Learn

Global Civ is a learning partnership between individual learners, mentors, and organizations from around the world. In its first year pilot program, an individual learner based in Midcoast Maine will co-design a rigorous program of study with mentors in all academic disciplines and partner with Marine Scientists, organic farmers, historians, authors, and other learners from North America.

Global Civ will operate year round on a block schedule that will feature interdisciplinary curriculum that is flexible to learner needs and travel requirements. Mentors who are specialists and generalists work directly with students in the planning process for each block and have appropriate time to develop rigorous and standards based independent curriculum that is relevant, applied, and personalized.

Individuals will co-create powerful learning experiences for themselves and have the ability to connect with other young people around the world. Individual learners are responsible for creating a dynamic record of their learning process with ePortfolios and they connect with the world through a system of web based project management|collaboration, mobile learning, and web conferencing.


Jake Maxmin

Jake serves as the co-founder of Global Civ and the 2010-2011 pilot project fellow. More on Jake!


The 2010-2011 Global Civ pilot project is comprised of learning mentors who work with Jake Maxmin and as a collective to develop the curriculum that is emerging in Global Civ.
Thomas Steele-Maley is the researcher/designer of Global Civ and co-founder he is also a mentor (Social Sciences, ELA, and Service Learning, eLearning and Blended Learning Administrator)
Ingrid Bathe (Visual Arts, Social Sciences)
Bo Gallup (Quantitative Reasoning, Experimental Sciences)
Shoshana Zuboff (Writing and Spanish)


Our Fellows

Free, Dynamic, Unique, and Inspired

The Ideal Global Civ Fellows are free, dynamic, and unique individuals from age 14-19. They are inspired by living in the twenty-first century and seek relevant learning experiences as they shape a new global society, economy and environment. They are activists, young intellectuals, and learners who strive for learning in a new and challenging and non-traditional environment. We believe that these individuals will be are the core of any new learning ecology.

A Fellow must approach learning as a culture in our endeavor. As stated in the mission of Global Civ “learners are responsible for their learning and accountable for the outcomes that will define their understanding of a broad range of knowledge domains, their local communities and the world.” To be successful with a learning ecology, a Fellow will need to be self- directed, assertive, and resourceful. All stakeholders will cultivate these characteristics in students who demonstrate a desire to achieve them.

Starting with one North American fellow for our initial Pilot Project in 2010-2011 we will evaluate our needs for growth and announce our plans for growth in 2011. Depending on curricular development and partnership development we would hope to offer a minimum of 40 full fellowships to young people from North America and around the world by 2013. More will be released on the core development of frameworks, recruiting dates, and potential programs for 2011-2012 in 2011.